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U.S.A. Certified ExpeditedImmigrationDNA and Passport Testing

Approved Laboratory - Viaguard

Guidelines issued by the U.S.Department of State require that an testing laboratory co-ordinate the entire DNA testing process. Viaguard an approved facility can co-ordinate all DNA sample collections regardless of location.

As government policy virtually everyone sponsoring family members for immigration is required to prove a biological relationship between a petitioner (sponsor]) and a beneficiary ( person(s) being sponsored.) Testing must be done by an approved immigration DNA testing lab such as Viaguard.Immigration DNA tests may include: paternity,maternity, sibling-ship, avuncular and grandparent tests all of which must utilize approved testing facilities.

Viaguard will ensure that you meet the time deadlines in your immigration and passport DNA application. We deal with the U.S. embassies, USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) and U.S. Department of State Passport offices all over the world to save you time and money.

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